A Canadian Music Company


Northwood Studios is our creative home. Built inside a 112 year old country church, and nestled in the heart of southern Ontario, Northwood Studios offers a unique and inspiring setting. Fully equipped with all we need to relax, make records, music videos, and will full amenities for cooking, eating, and sleeping, Northwood is a country oasis where you can put your creativity in the driver’s seat be – it for your next video, recording, songwriting, or other creative project.


u2022 Rode NT1A x2(matched pair)
u2022 Sennheiser e914 x2
u2022 Tannoy TM1 x2
u2022 Sure SM57 x7
u2022 Audio Technica AT2035
u2022 SM58 x2
u2022 Apex 190
u2022 Apex 205 Ribbon Mic
u2022 AKG D112



u2022 Motu 828mkiii Hybrid
u2022 Presonus Digimax
u2022 Presonus Digimax96
u2022 Focusrite Octopre
u2022 Yamaha HS80M
u2022 Custom Tannoy Passive Monitors
u2022 Dynaudio BM5A