A Canadian Music Company

Northwood Music

Northwood Music is a Canadian Music Company that specializes in helping musicians reach their creative goals.
Founded in 2004, Northwood is proud to be helping some of the music scene’s finest up and coming talents create engaging sights and sounds.

Some of the types of projects we work on:



Music Video

Video is King. Artists need to bring their songs to life through video today more than ever. Northwood produces music videos, live videos, and lyric videos in a way that meets the needs of today’s musicians.



From song demos, to full album production, mixing and mastering Northwood has been actively working in all areas of music production since 2004.



Photography is one of our first loves. A picture says a thousand words, and whether you need to capture a special moment live, get just the right promo shots, or create a striking visual for your new album cover – we specialize in creating great photographs of musicians.



Northwood Studios is a fully functional recording studio built into a century old country church. This southern Ontario based facility is where we make music, recordings, and shoot many of our videos.



Our music and audio production experience is not limited to the recording studio. Live music drives the industry like never before, and nothing kills a show like a bad mix. We offer consult and technical direction on audio for live music events and provide first-rate live mixes for professional performers.



Northwood Records is our label Imprint. We are proud to host a roster of Canadian artists we believe in, that we support in a variety of means including production, distribution, marketing, publishing, bookings and management services.

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