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Northwood Music is a Canadian Music Company that specializes in helping musicians reach their creative goals.
I founded Northwood in 2004, and since then have been proud to be partnering with talented artists to create engaging sights and sounds, and share them with the world. I got my first real start in music as drumming for various bands. Being the broke musicians we were, we had little funds to get things done… We booked our own shows, recorded our own music, made our own t-shirts, you name it. This is where I began to hone my digital production skills – assisting in many of my bands early recordings, graphic and web design. In 2003 I graduated from The Audio Recording Academy in Ottawa and since then I have been professionally recording, producing and mixing music. In 2009, in response to the growing demand for video content, I began producing videos. To date I have produced over 30 official music videos for various bands and artists. In addition to this, I have regularly helped artists with photography, graphic design, web design, label, booking, publishing and management.

Northwood Is…


From song demos, to full album production, mixing and mastering – Northwood has been actively working in all areas of music and audio production since 2004.


Video is King. Artists need to bring their songs to life through video today more than ever. Northwood produces music videos, live videos, and lyric videos in a way that meets the needs of today’s musicians.


Northwood Records is our label imprint. We are proud to work with artists we believe in, that we support in a variety of means including music and video production, distribution, marketing, publishing, bookings and management services.


We love live music. We have been active in the live music space for over 2 decades. Check our events page to see more about both past and upcoming events we have the pleasure to be involved in.