Cheers to Bowie’s

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This project was really fun to put together. Bowie’s owner Pat Maloney is a life long musician himself, growing up on the Ottawa band-scene, and eventually relocating to London and attending the Music Industry Arts program. Pat eventually stepped out from behind his drums, and ventured into the Singer-Songwriter world (making awesome stuff like THIS). That history made him the perfect person to open and run a venue like Bowie’s, where he hosts regular music nights from local open mics to ticketed events for acclaimed Canadian acts.

Beyond being a music venue, Bowie’s, since opening doors in Fall of 2019, has quickly become one of the top spots to visit in the growing town of Smiths Falls. The atmosphere, wide selection of craft beer, and simple but solid menu of charcuterie and hot sandwiches have all contributed to that. But more than anything, the friends and good times just seem to tie everything together.

I began this piece by dreaming about a bizarro dimension where Bowie’s was “Cheers”, (one of my all time favourite TV shows for sure, but even specifically one of my all time most favourite TV openers). But, it was still Bowie’s too… It was still in Smiths Falls, not in Boston – but “Mayday” Malone had become “Mayday” MaloneY, and the archetypal characters one by one were played out by the town’s own cast of locals & regulars.
This vision turned into the opening intro sequence to a TV show that doesn’t exist. But trust me, it’s better in real life anyway 😉
After writing the song, I also immediately knew who should sing it – Mr. Campbell Woods. Campbell is a Smiths Falls born-and-raised singer-songwriter who recently relocated back home after spending some years living in Montreal. His voiced wound up perfect on the track and really tied things together. Paired within some artful interpretations of a photo series Bowie’s runs of their customers smiling in front of their increasingly iconic “G’Day” sign, set to some ‘Ken Burns’ style motion, and we had our very own Cheers-inspired piece.
COVID may have kept the regulars at Bowie’s running re-runs in their heads for a while, but we are all looking forward to “Going Down to Bowie’s” for more good times soon.
In the meantime, if you are in SMITHS FALLS, Bowie’s is still doing take-out sandwiches, and I know first hand that they are the BEST. So, do yourself a favour and ORDER SMITHS FALLS BEST SANDWICH NOW.