Singing Mom: Musical Monday Mayhem

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I screeched at my children this morning. It wasn’t the acme of my mommy-career but any owl would have been proud.

My children are prone to whining. Many are, but I can assure you, my kids whine more.

Before I raised my voice, I threw out all my usuals.

“You don’t reeeeally have anything to whine about.”

“Only boring kids are bored.”

“Stop whining, or you can whine alone in your room,” I blathered onward.

This morning though, non of my pleas to cease were heard and the incessant merry-go-round of “aaaaaah Mommmm” and “buuuuut Mommmm…” just rang louder than a siren in my ears, and grated on my every nerve.

“KIDS!! Aaaaahhh! STOP! I’ve had about E-NOUGH!!!”

They stared blankly at me as I spewed out my post-yell usuals.

“I’m sorry I yelled. Do you two realize how FORTUNATE you are? You have so many BOOKS! And TOYS! And a beautiful DOG and a big YARD!!”And… And… And…!”

Of course it worked, and the wining stopped for a time.

A very short time.

The truth is, my kids ARE bored, I know they are not boring. During Co-vid, I’ve swapped a few suggestions with other parents about what to do to alleviate our kids boredom during this unprecedented time. My bandy advice has always been “Change The Channel (not the actual channel). If your kids can’t escape the cycle they are in, whether it be nagging about tv or screens or whatever… just change their channel. Be random, take them by surprise and help them out by distracting them from whatever they are whining about.”

It always sounds good when I say it, but sometimes I forget my own instructions and sometimes it just plain doesn’t work.

When the whining roared up again, I did something that I’ve never done before. In my most expressive a cappella voice, I sang out..

“Frank-ieeee don’t bug your bro-therrr!! Mick-eyyyy leeeave your sister a-lone!!”

They both looked at me like I had a screw loose.

“Mom what are you doing?” said the boy.

“Yeah MOM…what ARE you doing??” mirrored the girl.

“Every time you whine at meee… I am going to sing to youuuu!” I warbled.

“Why?” he said.

“Yeah why?” she repeated.

“Be-cause…” I trilled on, “…it’s a much nicer sound than listening to you two whine.”

I finished my performance on the lowest note I could sing and after my note rang out, there was a moment of complete silence. We all studied one another and then simultaneously erupted into ungovernable laughter.

Channel changed. Just like that.

I won’t overdo it though.

I don’t want the re-run to get old.

This is a good one for the Mommy tool box.

Today I am truly the Singing Mom.

AMBRE McLEAN : The Singing Mom
Ambre McLean is professional singer/songwriter. The Singing Mom is a collection of writings by Ambre dedicated to stories about her kids, and what life is like being a singing mom