The Jamstack: UNBOXING and Trying Out This TINY Guitar Amp.

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The Jamstack is a tiny guitar amp that you can attach directly to your guitar.

I was really interested in trying this for 3 main reasons:

1) I used to have a Synsonics “Terminator” guitar from Toys R Us. It was my first guitar and it had a small speaker built into the body and ran off a little battery to act as a built-in amp. It wasn’t so amazing sounding, but 12 year old me loved it. I was curious as to see what new places 30 years of time passed would have brought this…

2) I spent 3 years working in the innovation department of a major music corp, developing ideas for portable music products that interfaced with smart phones. So, it’s sort of an “area” of mine. In the end, the company I worked for abandoned most of those avenues, not for lack of potential, but more for being entrenched in more traditional products. I was curious to see what a smaller, more independent and agile company would be able to put together.

3) It’s CANADIAN. If you know Northwood you know that we are intensely focused on things that are Canadian, so this was an easy IN for us. Former Toronto based science teacher Chris Pendergast had success with his amp on Kickstarter as well as landing a deal on Dragon’s Den – so we were very interested in seeing what all the fuss was about!

Watch the video to see my experience opening up the Jamstack and giving it it’s first test run inside the walls of Northwood Studio.

Find out more from the guys at Jamstack here:

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