Great Canadian Music

The Story of Pema – A Short Film by Martin Buzora

 When Martin Buzora first came to me and asked me to help him create some music for a film he was working on – I knew nothing about where this music was going, or what the film itself was about. Martin was obsessed with an obscure piece of classical piano he had gotten stuck in his head and was determined to build it out into a piece of score.

One who doesn’t know Martin like I do, may have even been able to make the mistake that the music was all he cared about, or that the film it was going to be used in was secondary… But the real truth contains the secret to why this short film “The Story of Pema” is a triumph of short film making, of cinematic beauty, and of story telling itself. That truth is that for Martin, secondary doesn’t exist. Every minute detail is equally important, equally scrutinized, and equally appreciated.

On our final night mixing the music for this breathtaking short film, we were up until about 3am(one of many long nights). As I turned out the lights to my house and went upstairs to bed – I walked by and said good night to Martin who was lying on my living room floor, staring at the ceiling, listening to the score on repeat. Martin probably didn’t sleep much that night, listening to what we had crafted over and over again thru the twilight – despite needing to be on set for 12 hours the next day shooting.

This was but a small slice of the determination that consumed Martin for a full year; analyzing every single shot, every single frame, every single word, every single colour of this film, and striving desperately to do justice to the beauty he sees in the world. The result is that Martin Buzora packs more brilliant film making into these 5 short minutes, than you’ll see in most full length features.

Watch “The Story of Pema”, and see for yourself…